Do Cats like Plushies?

Cats adore playing with toys. They do this to satisfy their hunting and curious impulses. They will even play with basic household items such as cardboard boxes, hair bows, shoestrings, and even clothing hangers! They might even like plush animals!

Not all cats are fond of stuffed animals. They each have their own personality and will experiment with various things. When cats do play with a plushie companion, they usually carry it around as if it were a prize from a successful hunt. It's even better if the toy has a tail and legs like the mice and small rodents they'd attack in the wild.

Cats aren't just ferocious predators; they also enjoy cuddling! A plush animal is an excellent substitute for their owner or another feline companion. Cats snuggle for warmth, safety, and bonding. Of course, cats are drawn to warmth because they enjoy lounging in the sun. A snuggling companion, like as a fluffy toy, will keep them warm and cosy. A snuggle has been associated with safety since the days of kittens. When kittens are young, they all huddle together for warmth and security. They maintain this conduct throughout their lives. That's why they lay in laps, but it might also indicate that a cat is bonding with that human. aThey want to express their love and affection for everything their owners do, and snuggling is the perfect way to do so.

As previously stated, not all cats will enjoy stuffed animals, but here are some suggestions to help your cat enjoy their new plush friend:

Give your scent to the toy

Soft toys effectively retain odours. Cats, especially their owners, have keen noses and are sensitive to certain odours. To transfer your scent, rub the plush animal in your hair or on the back of your neck. You might also cover it with some of your used clothing over night. Even the cat's own smell has a certain allure. If your cat likes to nap or has a favourite blanket, put the toy there for a bit and even give it a little rubbing.


Catnip is another one of cats' favourite scents! Watch your cat go crazy attacking the toy after you sprinkle some catnip on it.

Pick the appropriate size

Don't give your cat a toy that is too big. It need to be something they can easily fit in their mouth and carry about. Approximately the size of their head. If you have a kitten, it is better to get something that is roughly the same size as the cat or slightly larger. As it will resemble a surrogate mother or littermate, it will further deepen the relationship between the kitten and the toy.

Show them how to play with the toy

Cats are observant and show interest in their owners. They'll inquire about what you're doing if they observe you doing it. Your pet will play with the toy more if you do as well.

Don't pressure it

Despite our best efforts and the money paid, cats occasionally choose to simply sit in the box the toy was packaged in. All of it is a reflection of their unique personalities. If your cat doesn't want to play with something, don't force them. Try a different toy until you find one that your cat likes if they don't seem to enjoy the stuffed animal despite your best efforts to convince them otherwise. 

Has your cat got a favourite plushie? Comment below with details and let us know!


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