How Are Plushies Made?

Plushie Product Overview

It is crucial that plushies serve as more than just cuddly toys children, since they help with their growth, and provide comfort for adults. The overall form, the ergonomics of the details, the colours, contrasts, and sounds all require our attention. Everything in our plushies is intended to help your child develop securely and confidently, to serve as an outlet for you during your adolescence, and to provide escape as you become older.

How Are Plushies Made?

The process summary of making a plushie:

  1. Design
  2. Pattern
  3. Material Research
  4. Production
  5. Quality Check


Every plushie begins with some design study and writing on paper. Before a soft toy's ultimate shape and expression are determined, several sketches may be necessary. You never know when the idea will strike—it could happen during a conversation or while reading a book. It arrives as it sees fit.


The pattern stage begins after we are satisfied with a design. The stuffed animal now transitions from a drawing to a volume. To ensure a proper fit, we first test the pattern on a piece of paper.

Material Research

We conduct material research in parallel. The fabric will significantly contribute to your child's enjoyment while stroking, cuddling, and playing with their plush toy, as well as to their growth. Naturally, we pay close attention to the colours, as with Four Colour Dinosaur Plushies, whose contrast I wanted to encourage your newborn's visual development. But I also pay attention to the textures, as with v, who focus more on the touch thanks to their bumpy fabric or long fur. Additionally, the fabric's quality is crucial: we want a lovely coat, but more importantly, we want to avoid hair loss and dangerous chemicals! We won't make any concessions in this area so that we can assure you that my soft toys are of the highest quality, even if it means delaying production while we search for the ideal fabric.


The plushy is then cut from the chosen fabric, pinned, and sewn together. On the majority of our plushies, we hand stitch all the minute elements like the eyes, but we use a sewing machine to put the plushie together.

Before flipping the plushie around and stuffing it, we sew around two or three times to make sure the seams are strong. 

Quality Check

We will carefully check your plushie before sending it to you to ensure there are no mistakes. We will also brush it to give it the best possible appearance and ensure it is flawless. Every plushie we design and sew is made with a lot of love, and we hope they will offer your child's life comfort, dreams, and countless hours of play and cuddling.

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