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Animal Themed Cat Cave Bed

Animal Themed Cat Cave Bed

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Cat beds can be costly, and if your cat refuses to sleep on it, you will waste a lot of money. Most cats will enjoy the soft plush cushion cat cave. Cats enjoy hiding themselves in the semi enclosed environment, which forms an igloo shape. The plush poly cotton stuffing, which is normally 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester, will have your cat resting happily in luxury at a low cost.

Our popular cat cave bed is warm, soft, and comfy. In the winter it is a cat igloo and a cat castle for other seasons.


Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or a brush, and it can be washed with water or machine cold wash with neutral detergent.


Polyester, Premium plush fabrics, PP cotton.

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Cat Cave for Your Kitties

Cats enjoy the warmth, and this is especially true when they are sleeping. They require uninterrupted alone time to unwind and rest. It is essential to provide your cats with a confined and comfortable space to withdraw to for some solace.

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