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Cat Night Light

Cat Night Light

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Why get a cat night light?

Is your little one having trouble sleeping? This super adorable cat night light will help through emitting a soft light to induce comfort and sleep. Comes in a shape of a cartoon cat, it is cute and round. You can switch the soft light to a brighter mode by tapping on the the cat night light's head.



Battery powered.

Tap to switch colours.

The light will be turn off automatically after 1 hour, and it will light up again when pat or switch pressed.


Exterior: ABS, polycarbonate plastic, silicone
Light: LED bulbs

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Night light induces sleep

Melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally and aids with sleep. When you're exposed to light, your brain produces more melatonin and less when it's dark. Ambient lighting from the night lights will induce sleep and ease those who are scared of the dark.

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