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Welcome to the QMart & Co. Plushie Store. We are one of the biggest online plushie shop in the UK, USA, and worldwide with cheap plushies in store. To ensure the highest quality plushies, we handpick all of our plushies. All of our products include dependable tracked shipping to ensure that your plushies arrive safely. Feel free to contact us about any of your plushie questions! We are confident in our position as the best place to buy plushies. Do you want to buy plushies? Then come on over to our plushie store today!

What are Plushies?

Plushies are cuddly soft toys! People also refer to them as plush toys! We have cheap plushies ranging from animal plushies to fruit plushies.

Our animal plushies collection is one of our most popular. Our boba plushies and seat cushion plushies are also extremely popular! View our entire plushie collection in our plushie shop.

High Quality Plushies UK, US, and worldwide.

All our plush toys are hand selected by our plushie loving staff. We only sell high-quality plushies made of high-quality materials in our store. This ensures that your plushies are perfectly ready for their arrival. We can keep our plushies cheap by using multiple warehouses, and we are the best place to buy plushies in the UK, USA, and worldwide!

  • Red panda plushies on sale at QMartCo

    Animal Plushies

    Our animal plushies comprises of an incredible range of cute plushies. You can find cute plushies of the animals you like wether its seal plushies, cat plushies, or dino plushies, and more.

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  • Boba plushies on sale at QMartCo

    Boba Plushies

    Boba Plushies are one of the most popular plushies types in the recent years. As the favourite store for plushie connoisseurs we have assembled a boba plushies selection from our plushies range.

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  • Food plushies on sale at QMartCo

    Food Plushies

    Food plushies are the emboidment of your love for food of any cuisine. Fries, burgers, tacos, pizzas, and pot noodles. You can find all kinds of food plushies at QMartCo's plushies range.

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  • Fruit plushies on sale at QMartCo

    Fruit Plushies

    Ever came across fruit plushies anywhere? The fruit plushies is a sub collection of QMartCo Plushies and they make a great gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, or just because.

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